Seraph’s Sanctions: VORACIOUS: FEEDING TIME # 3

Writer: Markisan Naso
Art: Jason Muhr
Colors: Andrei Tabacaru
Letterer: Jason Muhr
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (February 2017) 

The Breakdown:
Nate wakes up a captive by Owen, Gus and more in Gus’s present. As the implications of what Nate has done sink on him, Owen and Gus are desperate … for different reasons.

The Bad:
Nothing bad here.


The Moment of the Issue:

Gus’s plea to save his wife to Nate. It was heart wretching.











The Good:

You know, just when you think you know a character or two. Just when you think you have seen it all? Voracious: Feeding Time # 3 kind of just kicks you in your no no place and reminds you that you haven’t seen anything yet. To say that readers will enjoy this issue wouldn’t be adequate enough. This issue will make you cringe, hit you in the feels then make you scream in both delight and terror.  Why?

Deep breath.

Muhr’s art alongside colors by Tabacaru has also been amazing. It’s colorful. The line work is simple yet detailed enough that you can tell what everything is. People look like people. Dino-people look like the dinosaurs they are supposed to represent while also looking …. people-ish. Yet, the things I want to applaud this art team most this issue is both the mood and the raw emotion that can be seen throughout all the panel work. From the bewondered looks on Starlee’s and Jenna’s face while wondering what happened to Nate, to the sheer horror in the eyes of Nate with everything that’s happened and him possibly dying to the unbridled anger from Owen at the end of the issue. The art has always been top notch, but this is an issue that will burn in the heads of reader’s memories. Not just because of the visuals alone … but, partially, the raw emotion behind them and the presentation of them. Muhr’s panel work is absolutely stellar here. They powered up to over 9000 for one of the most memorable issues yet. The panel work for just Owen biting Nate’s shoulder alone was horrifying, brutal and very telling of Owen’s emotions before the cliffhanger. Reader’s don’t need the words. The blood, the teeth, the look in Owen’s eyes are very telling and these kinds of panels are all over the issue. Expression of emotion. Done exquisitely.

Which gets me to Naso’s writing. So, you know. Naso’s pacing was perfect this issue. He weaves the plot points and characters coming to a head with such powerful dialogue and just continues to build and build off the previous issue. Naso brings us characters being pushed to the brink and does so with a flare that makes it all the more compelling. To Jim surviving in the past. To the revelations given to Nate about what he has done. To the desperation of Gus to have his wife back. To the anger and descent to insanity for Owen. Naso presents them all wrapped with a nice little bow. And the things I want to applaud most is the overall development for Nate, Gus and Owen this issue. Owen had been a slow burn from the previous issues, but there were points now that you look back and see that this was coming, but readers can dismiss it for him just being stressed or something else … until this issue. That’s what makes Naso one of the best writers in comics now … he leaves plenty of bread crumbs, but there’s always a possibility that readers might just write something away as something else. And then Owen … To say that the desperation of Gus wasn’t kicking me in my feels would be a lie as well. There’s just this storm of emotions in this sci-fi epic and it works beautifully.

The Verdict:

Voracious: Feeding Time # 3 is the best issue of the series (both series) yet. We get superb storytelling through both writing and art. There’s no stopping the heart pounding roller coaster now as it races to its climax. Muhr and Tabacaru deliver their best issue yet with excellent art that just seduces readers while Naso writers an emotional, yet horrifying payoff with fully realized characters and an ending that will make readers cry out. The characters are really captivating and their development has bloomed into a spectacular feast for the ages.