Seraph’s Sanctions: Voracious # 4

Writer: Markisan Naso
Art: Jason Muhr
Color: Andrei Tabacaru
Letterer: Jason Muhr
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (June 2016)

The Breakdown:
Nate and Starlee are having fun and enjoying the success of Sara’s Fork & Fossil attracts local news to come on by. Meanwhile, Starlee’s brother continues to dig up intel on Nate’s late uncle. Maribel is recovering in the hospital while Jim makes a startling revelation that may change things for everyone about the suits and the jumps …

The Good:
To say that this book is good would understate how well crafted this book is and the skill of the creators. There’s a lot of love in this project. It shows with every like line, letter in the text box or even the overall detail within its pages. This issue continues to maintain that as Muhr gives an artistic tour de force this issue with making simple things look great and making outrageous things look superb. Muhr’s panel work really let’s the life of Nate and company really stand out there. The body language was definite hinting at the emotions of the characters while the fun Muhr and Tabacaru were having with writing and coloring this. The line work is clean and crisp; honestly some of the cleanest I have ever seen done by an artist. And it is still full of great detail that conveVoracious_04_digital-5ys action well and gives you a clear picture of the world while being stylish.

Naso pens a great point to stop pause our story. There was definitely a lot of development with Nate and Maribel that was enjoyable to watch. Particularly, the confidence that Nate has gained since coming back and starting to cook dinos. The subplot of Starlee’s brother trying to find out about Nate’s uncle and basically take Nate down is starting to bare interesting fruit as it will lead towards Nate and his new home. Starlee and Jim pretty much have the two most important narratives this issue. Starlee’s development gets extremely big as her own journey in the series and her role is called into question again, but this time with elaboration and downright intrigue with where this will go with her character next after this issue. She has always stood by Nate, even when he wasn’t there and this issue signals what could be drastic changes to come. Meanwhile, Jim’s revelation … it starts first with a big “oh man”, but at the end of the issue turns into a “oh F****. that’s crazy.” Seeds have been planned as actions has consequences … and Naso definitely foreshadows the storms of consequences to come.The one revelation this issue changes the face of the book and what Nate is doing and is by far one of the more ingenius swerves that I have seen in a comic in a long time.

The Bad:

hahahahahhahahaha …. bad …. the only thing bad is the trouble that Nate’s gonna have when the book returns this fall …. hahahahahhaahhahahaaha … RUN NATE. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

The Moment in the Book:
The revelation earlier stated by Jim rearing its firm, ugly head …

The Verdict:
Voracious #4 was Voracious_04_digital-7smart, entertaining and full of heart and intrigue. We got ourselves a status quo because of the dinner and cause of Nate’s little jumps, but that whole game has now changed and Nate doesn’t exactly know it yet. Starlee is about to make some changes of her own if this issue is any indication. Naso crafts a wonderful issue that gets at the heart of Starlee, sees Nate’s progress at his best and sets up all the trials to come because of both Starlee’s brother snooping and the MAJOR revelation of this issue. The set up was done flawlessly while Muhr continues to present us with fantastic art that just continues to get better and better with each issue. Dynamic panels and vivid colors help make this book a true joy to read and this issue wasn’t any different. This issue was both the end of an era and the beginning of what’s to come. This is comics at its best and its intense.