Seraph’s Sanctions: VORACIOUS # 2

Writer: Markisan Naso
Art: Jason Muhr
Colors: Andrei Tabacaru
Letterer: Jason Muhr
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (March 2016)

The Breakdown:

Nate and Starlee open up a new restaurant called “Fork & Fossil” and the food is a big hit with the customers. Nate’s reversal of fortune seems to attract attention … both wanted and unwanted.  Starlee is enjoying the success as old feelings are coming to rise. Meanwhile, Nate’s grandmother, Maribel, has a chat with Jim. Maribel’s concerned about Nate spending a lot of time alone. As Nate continues to get what he needs for his restaurant, things change quickly enough…
The Good:
This series continues to be a creative and fun ride. This issue advanced most of our cast rather well. Starlee, Maribel, Jim and Nate get a nice chunk of development, allowing readers to really feel for the characters and get a better sense of who they are and what their purpose is. Nate especially continues to be a compelling lead and Naso has no problem making full use of that to readers. Naso has this ability to making any conversation between characters feel both natural and compact; giving readers a lot with so little while sound like everyday people. Nothing feels or looks like wasted space and everything is meaningful. Naso also sets up more obstacles that could have long standing problems for our main cast this issue. Naso does this all seamlessly.

Meanwhile, Muhr’s art makes some firm statements. The detail of the panel work is awesome while Tabacaru’s colors makes all the panels look lively. Muhr’s line work is top notch and allows the book to look great in a dino dinner or a dinosaur dwelling. The art is very clean and pristine. Muhr’s got a way of making every panel look good, with sharp inks that Tabacaru brings out with vivid color. People look good and convey their feelings well on the page. Dinosaurs and backgrounds look fully realized and sharp. Muhr’s style is simple enough but detailed enough to really stand out.


The Bad:

The Verdict:

What a delicious #2. We have potential problems with Nate’s girlfriend and Starlee’s brother. We have wonderful art that grips your eyes and is stylish with bold color. The writing and pacing is superb. Overall, a fun ride that I just want more off. More of this on my plate would make me feel so much better.