Seraph’s Sanctions: CRITTER # 2

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Art: Fico Ossio & CB Zane
Colors: Fico Ossio & Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer: Kel Nuttall

Publisher: BIG DOG INK/ASPEN COMICS (August 2015)


The 411:

Critter is adjusting to her life in California as she goes to class … which has a professor who lectures on the superhuman community. Cassia enjoys the class as another heroine appears. Yet, after school, she stops a mugger on her patrol only to find more trouble with an appearance by a certain raven-haired female. Meanwhile … the city starts to burn and boats are suddenly getting broken in half . And in the backup .. Paradox continues his obsession.

03-Critter_02-Aspen 02-Critter_02-Aspen

The Good:

We get a good amount of world building and character development this issue as we are seeing Cassia get settled in her life in California. We have a wonderfully gripping introduction written by Hutchison that deals with the actually sociology and psychology of super powered beings: what makes a person be a super hero rather than a super villain. Why use the powers to help people versus personal gain? These topics seemed to fit into Paradox’s whole song and dance from last issue but also make a great psychological point.
Hutchison’s world building adds more characters into the mix and starts fleshing out the supporting cast a bit more. Cassia’s roommate definitely seems like she wants to make sure Cassia has a life. And we meet a woman who could very well become a villainess for our dear Critter. Paradox continues his plans in the backup, which goes into some interesting back and forth between him and Velvet Fox.

Art is pretty solid this issue. Ossio does a fantastic job giving us great perspectives with a good amount of detail. The characters have great facial expressions and the colors make everything vibrant. Zane and de la Cruz do a solid job with the back up, giving good amount of detail with vibrant color and good backgrounds. Neither artist is afraid to go a little out of the ordinary with the panel work and it is pretty good.

The Bad:

Ossio’s art is really good … but sometimes I wonder if the woman are too thin at times in a couple of panels. Also, the introduction of Mascara was good … I felt that her name in the Who’s Who should have waited till she actually adopted said name. I feel like putting her in the who’s who lessens the element of surprise. Sure. Readers can tell she can return, but we didn’t know if she was just a rude woman or possible major villainess until the Who’s who.

The Verdict:

Critter definitely feels like a different kind of superhero book. It plays with a lot of tropes you see in superhero books but does them differently.And it does it well. Hutchison doesn’t have a problem making his readers think. There is solid world building and character development for our main heroine and several other characters. The threat of Tidepool is coming and Paradox continues his creepy crusade. There is a lot going on but this issue definitely does a solid job of building Cassia’s world. Besides the Who’s who thing, I loved the way Mascara was introduced.  The art was really solid and it was a fun, thought provoking issue.