Seraph’s Sanctions: UNITY # 21

UNITY # 21
Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Jose Luis, Alisson Rodrigues & Jefte Palo
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment (August 2015)


The 411:
The War Monger has taken down Ninjak, Gin-gr & Livewire as she makes her way to face off against our resident immortal, the Eternal Warrior. As she faces Gilad, she continues to talk of her past, with major moments of insighting wars while also dealing with her present and how she was last imprisoned. Yet, she was out yet again, facing off against multiple teams of heroes.

UNITY_021_004 UNITY_021_003
The Good:
Luis & Rodrigues do a masterful job with the flashbacks of the War Monger’s life. We get a lot of great detail and characters of all shapes and sizes are along for the ride. Palo’s art is dark but still full of another detail to give expressions and action. Palo’s gritty approach captured War Monger to the tee … it was ruthless, ugly with a touch of order to it. The gritty present is built up because of all the elaborate plans and destruction the War Monger has made in the past and the art reflects that.

Kindt has used this storyline to build a broader mythology of Valiant’s past, introducing new characters and concepts … figuring the bane of War Monger’s exists are teams of heroes …which definitely makes her a unique villianess. Kindt introduces two other groups that faced the War Monger over the last years, the Shademen and a final group of super powered agents. The deep roots that Kindt establishes this issue to WWII and Vietnam could not be denied as they give striking points on how the War Monger fits and gives a larger scope and sense of the Valiant universe. The transitions between past and present are seamless and there is plenty of worthy characterization that has become a hallmark of Kindt’s writing.


The Bad:

Nothing really.


The Verdict:

This issue presented us with a richer history of War Monger and the Valiant Universe in general while setting up the beginnings of a final confrontation between Unity and the War Monger. There was a lot of solid characterization here. The art was definitely full of detail and stunning on both sections of the story. The contrast of styles didn’t hurt this issue at all as the previous issues and this issue’s journey down memory lane actually made sense why the style of our present is gritty in an odd kind of sense. And as we close in on our final battle between Unity and War Monger … the question is … how do they stop her? It makes a lot of sense and the plots close in tightly for a large finale.