Seraph’s Sanctions: JIRNI (Vol 2.) # 1

Writer: J.T. Krul
Art: V. Ken Marion & Mark Roslan
Colors: Juan Fernandez
Letterer: Josh Reed
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (August 2015)


The 411:

Ara is continuing her path as she is now traveling with pirates at the opening of this first issue. She joins the pirate captain Boro and his crew as they sail the oceans. Boro definitely feels that Ara is searching for something,but she doesn’t tell what. Yet … a visit to a giant stone obelisk in the middle of the sea called “The Black Rock” changes things as Ara joins Boro’s crew for a delivery and gets more than she bargained for …

02_Jirni-v2-01_Aspen 01-Jirni-v2-01_Aspen

Big Moment:

Ara seeing the Tykthas for the first time.


The Good:

Jirni Vol. 2 kicks off with a storm that brings you closer to our heroine. Ara is traveling in this book. The crew doesn’t know why and Krul masterfully writes the character at this point. She’s on a journey and she is determined. Her characterizations and narrative display that in spades. Krul does make the issue compelling with the introduction of Captain Boro and some of his crew. While the majority of the crew were not that important this issue, Krul does give Captain Boro and Hunta enough characterization to carry the story. The dialogue is good and Krul has a good balance between narrative and exposition here.

By the Matrix … this issue is by far the single best work of V. Ken Marion’s career as of me writing this review. The detail is crisp, deep and really explodes off the page. Roslan is absolutely magnificent, bringing out Marion’s work with such fullness while still keep the work clean. There is all sorts of wonderful perspectives and angles that Marion draws that is enhanced perfectly by Roslan’s inks. And Fernandez is truly the colorist for this team. Every single piece of art in this issue, from the pirate ship to the storm to the Tkythas to Ara herself is deep and rich and vivid. This is the kind of art team that will be known among the greats.  Absolutely stunning work and I cannot wait for more.


The Bad:

For people who are new to this book, it kind of a good thing/bad thing going on. We get to meet Ara. We know she is on a quest. Actions speak louder than words but there is a fair amount of mystery to her that is both a good and bad thing. The bad about it is that we get an idea of her personality by not much else. We know she’s on a quest and that she will be merciful. But not much else. New readers coming into this book will get a sense of mystique about her, but that can feel a bit too out of nowhere. For brand new readers, this is a character going somewhere.

For readers of the previous volume, this will feel like an easy start up again. And while the issue overall is solid, new readers will be at a disadvantage while old readers will feel extremely comfortable with reading this first issue.


The Verdict:

The only real problem with the issue is that it may make new readers feel a bit lost. They will wonder if they are supposed to have a familiarity with the character. Otherwise, Krul does an excellent job this issue. The narrative and exposition was great. The art is simply some of the best I seen in comics … period. There is a great amount of mystique and wonder for the future of this series and it looks to be a fun ride.