Seraph’s Sanctions: WE CAN NEVER GO HOME # 3

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Art: Josh Hood
Colors: Tyler Boss
Letterer: Jim Campbell

Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS  (July 2015)

The 411:

Maddie and Duncan find themselves staring down the barrel of some police guns as the police has come for them. Yet … Maddie and Duncan were not planning to take that sitting down … and, what exactly are Maddie and Duncan going to do from this point on …?


Big Moment:

Maddie trying out all the costumes was hilarious. Pure Gold!


The Good:

Kindlon and Rosenberg strike gold in this issue. They present us the continuing slope that is the lives our Maddie and Duncan as they challenge the police and have to deal with the repercussions of their actions and Maddie’s powers. We get some solid humor this issue as well as wonderful character development between our leads. Rosenberg and Kindlon spend the issue also building up the relationship between Maddie and Duncan; letting readers see and feel their reactions to their current situation … which isn’t pretty by any meanunnamed(13)s.

Hood and Boss continue to dazzle with some very clean, yet detailed art. Boss’s use of color in the background or a panel is masterful, allowing to give a new dimension of depth and emotion to a scene. Hood clearly loves what he’s drawing as every panel is full of vigor and detail. Readers will know the emotion of our characters without them saying anything. And there is some really cool pictures. The costume scene alone seemed worth the price of the book.


The Bad:

Nothing bad here.


The Verdict:

This issue started out with a punch and ended with a different kind of punch. It was smartly written. The characters are compelling and complex. I really enjoy the ride this issue takes me on. The book continues to develop and grow … not just in threats to our characters or our main characters themselves … but the overall arc of what to do in life given the situation our characters are in. They have left home as teens. What do we do to survive? This book asks a lot of interesting questions and we get to have a thrilling ride to find out the answers.