Seraph’s Sanctions: IMPERIUM #7

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Penciler: Scot Eaton
Inker: Wayne Faucher
Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Alejandro Arbona

Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (August 2015)


The 411

Toyo Harada goes from gasping for breath in the Indian Ocean, to his ideal of the Foundation Zone made a reality … and then from that to Harada leading an attack with his team … to Harada back in the Foundation Zone. With every trip, Harada gets to know more and more of Divinity. And Divinity is there to teach a lesson to Harada … the problem becomes that Harada doesn’t want to listen to Divinity … but to control him…


The Good:


Eaton, Faucher and Reber do a grand job by bring forth strong art this issue. Eaton definitely stretches his artistic muscles with a great amount of detail, characters and panels that really do a good job standing out. Faucher’s inks makes Eaton’s work look crisp while Reber continues his masterful color as some of these panels are quite gripping, thanks to this art teams collaboration. They give us visions of possible futures that seem feasible and they make them looks stunning.


Dysart pens a great character driven issue. While the majority of the cast does not have much to do with this issue, Dysart plots this well. The meeting of Toyo Harada and Divinity is as grandiose as it should be, considering they are two of the biggest players in the Valiant Universe. Dysart presents us with strong characterizations and focuses the issue on the ideologies of the two men … and how they go about doing what they set out to do. Divinity is not an overbearing god while Toyo Harada will do whatever he needs to achieve his goals. This clash of ideologies … and egos make for a compelling issue.


The Bad:

Honestly, if you are looking for more fun with Mech Major … not in this issue.


The Verdict:

When a man who decides to become the world’s greatest villain in order to save the planet decides to match wits with a man with a powers of a god that he doesn’t necessarily want, you get an issue full of possibilities and discussion. It is clear that Harada’s ambitions and ego drive the issue, which is perfect and completely in line with the character … since Dysart has written him that ways for nearly 4 years now.
The pacing is wonderful and the dialogue is smart. The art is impressive, really allowing readers to see the stretches of imagination here. And we get a great build up to a strong confrontation.