Seraph’s Sanctions: CRITTER # 1

Writer: Tom Hutchison
Art: Fico Ossio & CB Zane
Colors: Fico Ossio & Ceci de la Cruz
Letterer: Kel Nuttall

Editor: Kari Castor, Andrea Shea & Vince Hernandez

The 411: 04_Critter-01-AspenPrev

We open our book with Critter moving away to be able to start her career as a crime fighter while saying goodbye to her grandmother. We time jump to see Critter in the thick of things against a villain named Yellowjacket. After Cassia (Critter) gets her, she is taken to the hospital quickly thanks to the help of a man known as Paradox leads a group of heroes to get her. Paradox warns Critter to be careful and how important she is in the future.

After she leaves the hospital, Cassia settles into her life as a college student with her overprotective roommate Gina …. As she heals up though, there are more forces at work against her than Paradox lead her to believe …


The Good:

Critter # 1 started off with a woman graduating from a more slower paced life to something a lot more active. Cassia makes a wonderful first impression, thanks to the narrative of Tom Hutchison. We get a super hero equavalent to a young girl graduating high school and going to college. Cassia is definitely a strong female character, as Hutchison distinctly makes right off the back. The dialogue felt authentic and the overall first issue was a well constructed introduction to the universe of Critter. The supporting cast gets some shine as Hutchison gives us an array of characters this first issue, but still does a great job of not making it feel too packed.  The twist this first issue has also makes it that much more alluring, creating strong conflicts and an epic villain to face off with ahead.

Ossio’s art is wonderfully strong. There is a good amount of detail. Solid expressions that convey emotion or movement and plenty of background detail to make the world come to life. The coloring is solid, mixing an almost water colored look but a bit more solid here. Ossio should that he isn’t afraid of dazzle readers with a lot of detail and innovative perspectives. CB Zane follows suit in the back up with some great poses and good detail on the man known as Paradox.


The Bad:

This first issue was solid. It had a lot. I appreciate the time taken to build up our main big bad from the looks of things. Yet, It felt very odd. There was great look into the character and everything seemed ok, but at first glance, this book was A LOT to take in. It makes sense. It is solid story telling. Yet, it felt a little too much at first.


The Verdict:

Critter # 1 stands out by introducing us to a strong female male lead. We get plenty of spotlight on Critter and her world around. Hutchison smartly gives us her importance to the universe right off the bat and develops a great story around her. The art was top notch, with some splendid coloring and excellent detail. Yet, there was a lot of story and exposition given this issue that made it felt a bit overwhelming at times. Otherwise, a great first issue.