Seraph’s Sanctions: X-TINCTION AGENDA # 2

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colors: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: Cory Petit
Editor: Xander Jarowey
Publisher: MARVEL COMICS (July 2015)
The 411:
    Havok, Wolfsbane and the Press Gang decided to attack the home of the X-Men, X-City. We come to find out that Beast bringing time lost X-Men wasn’t just done in All New X-Men, but here as well … as he brought Wolverine, Banshee and Thunderbird from the past to the present. Rachel and Beast lament on the attack as Havok and his team do their best to take Triage from  X-City. It is a battle where former friends battle in a vicious battle that claims injuries. Meanwhile, the true purpose of getting Triage is hinted at by our “good” doctor. And then there is a declaration of War.
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The Good:
     Guggenheim truly takes the original story and make an interesting new world from it in this tale. We get to know a bit more about the X-Men of this area of Battleworld. Baron Rachel Grey is a compassionate leader, feeling for her Uncle. Yet, we get to see the depths of desperation as Havok and his crew show their jealousy, hurt and anger during the attack. Guggenheim pens a vast amount of emotions while battles are playing out. He does a wonderful job showing different characterizations of Havok, Rictor, Wolfsbane, Rachel, Beast, Logan and more. He keeps the main plot intriguing by using the characters’ personal conflicts powder keg. The dialogue was great. Nothing seemed wasted, even though the majority of the issue was a battle. Di Giandomenico produces some of his best art yet, with tones of great detail to really lure you in. The panel perspectives were innovative and interesting. Di Giandomenico’s art blazes through the page, giving lively action and powerful emotion. Woodard’s colors are a perfect fit for the art from Di Giandomenico. Everything is vibrant and really makes your eyes glued to the page. I love seeing classic Beast alongside Rachel Grey. Havok looked valiant and threatening at the same time. This was truly a solid issue.
The Bad:
      This issue was good. I feel like this book could have used a couple more pages to help drive this battle and getting a bit more from Havok and the Press Gang.
The Verdict:
       X-Tinction Agenda # 2 lives up to its title. The extinction of mutantkind is on the line. Guggenheim and Di Giandomenico create an issue full of tension, anger and spectacular battles. The Press Gang crosses a line in order to save the mutants in Genosha. Yet, there are other forces at work here. The stage is set for a major conflict that could mean the end of mutantkind … in more than one way. Definitely a gripping issue that makes you want more.