Writer: Gayle Middleton & Dave Dwonch
Art: Amanda Coronado & Dave Dwonch
Colors: Bill Blankenship




The 411:

Destiny seeks the advice of how to win over the community from a mystic known as Madame Simone. Simone gives Destiny the idea of throwing a party … and a warning that someone is working against her. As Destiny goes with the Vamplets and Penny to the store to get supplies while Lycinda and Stinkbug look after the Nursery. Yet, the very threat that Madame Simone mentioned to Destiny rears its ugly head at the nursery with Vammette unleashing a plan that could get Destiny trapped forever …


Big Moment:

I love the story coming together, but had really found myself gripped by the conversation between Stinkbug and Lycinda.

Vamplets_05-2 Vamplets_05-3 Vamplets_05-4

The Good:

Middleton and Dwonch do an excellent job of making this issue feel packed with great characterizations, plot development and character development. Middleton and Dwonch dive deeper in this world while advancing Destiny, Stinkbug & Lyncinda this issue. We get hinted at the tragic past of Lycinda while Vammette makes a move that can get Destiny stuck permanently. The issue feels really packed between all the events that happen that drives towards the finale. Middleton and Dwonch pack so much but do it so well.

Coronado and Dwonch continue to drop us some stunning panel work. Coronado’s style just continues to astound. For an all ages book, Coronado’s style is near perfection. The panels are detailed. There is a great energy from Coronado’s pencils, Dwonch’s inks and Blankenship’s colors that won’t be denied. The book looks and feels like the characters want to jump out at the readers and entertain you. Dwonch’s inks really bring out Coronado’s art well while Blankenship’s colors are vibrant while muted enough to produce amazing atmosphere.


The Bad:

The issue was pretty solid. I found that I enjoyed everything that happened.


The Verdict:

Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery # 5 does so much with so little. There is a lot of character development and a lot happening in this issue. The story advances well, feeling not too much in one issue. We get spectacular art and solid story. Things are reaching a strong climax with good payoff. This issue was excellent set up while developing our side characters. I look forward to see what Destiny and the others will do after that strong ending.