Seraph’s Sanctions: FATHOM BLUE # 2

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Art: Claudio Avella & Mark Roslan
Colors: Erick Arciniega
Letterer: Josh Reed
Editors: Frank Mastromauro & Andrea Shea
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (July 2015)


The 411:

Our team of “recruited” Blue are tasked to tackle an Elite Blue by the name of Elia. As the team convinces her to come along, there was an attack at a baseball stadium that leaves hundreds dead … that gets the attention of our team. Also, the good Admiral James Maylander decides he needs to give his own pitch to Elia ….


Big Moment:

SWERVE, Baby! Didn’t suspect that Swerve!


The Good:

Hernandez presents the team working together for a common goal while also showing how different and dysfunctional they are. It definitely seems intrigue that this team of Blue are working towards a goal … which is not fully clear. Hernandez definitely makes sure there are more questions left than answers, but does so in an intriguing way. Elia makes a powerful impression right off the bat, making her a dominant character for the issue … and possibly the team. Jet and the gang all get some solid character development as well. The dialogue is authentic and I really enjoy the character interplay between the members of our team.
Avella and Roslan make it a point to stand out this issue. We get some beautiful detail here, with clean lines that really bring out the best of the characters and the backgrounds that they are in. The action looked really good and Avella has gotten a good grasp of perspectives and expression. Roslan’s inks are as fine as ever, making Avella’s pencils look clean and crisp. Arcnieiga does a fantastic job bringing the art together with solid, vivid colors that suit tone and mood.  Pretty solid art by this team.


The Bad:

We got some solid character development this issue, but I feel like there was a kind of conflict with Maylander having a team ready to go to take down any Blue, but to be cordial at first with Elia. Sure. She’s an Elite Blue, but it wasn’t his first dance dealing with them. While I know this does time in to Fathom: Kiani Vol 4, there just feels something is amiss. I guess we will find out in due time.

The Verdict:

We got ourselves an interesting team here. Every character has a unique and distinct voice. The lettering is awesome from Reed as always09_FathomBlue-02-AspenPrev. The story was solid with great amounts of characterizations and strong development from our cast. Our new Big Bad made one hell of a first impression while we learn more about our crew. The art was superb and Hernandez does his usual keep readers gripped and asking more questions that build upon each other. There definitely seems like there is a lot to come with this book and it is a fun ride.