Seraph’s Sanctions: GRAVEDIGGER #1

Writers: Christopher Mills
Artist: Rick Burchett

Publisher: Action Lab: Danger Zone


The 411:

Digger was vacationing for a while in Paradise Beach City, Florida. He has some fun with the local mob boss’s daughter … till she ends up dead. Digger becomes targeted after the murdered daughter is left in his bed. As he tried to see about leaving the city, he finds himself the focus of a man hunt …


The Good:

This comic has it all. Great atmosphere with a gripping story and detailed art really makes this book stand out. The fact that it is black and white really creates the noir atmosphere and carries on throughout the book well. Burchett’s art really stands out here, with great detail and perspectives. This comics really does a great job giving us a strong lead and get backgrounds.

Mills creates a wonderful opening to a crime drama. With solid characterization and intelligent dialogue, Mills really creates us a new world and experience where we have a murder and not sure who is behind it … yet.

GD_01_01 GD_01_02

The Bad:

Nothing really bad.


The Verdict:

Gravedigger #1 presents the classic noir, murder mystery with smart writing and great art. The black and white comic actually works towards creating a better atmosphere for the mystery and the story is gripping. Our lead is charismatic and intriguing and the other characters feel alive. A solid first issue. Definitely get it.