Happy 2nd Birthday Broken Infinite!!!

This is a milestone. Today, there was two years to the day that I started Broken Infinite. There has been so much that has come and gone since those two years. And I really do appreciate everything that has been done.  We have come a long way. 
When this started two years ago, I wanted to strike out with my friends on our own. And while Jeff Williams, Eric McLeod, Darryll B. Carter and Hector Ramirez have since moved on … we all wanted to do things our own way. 
Since then, the site has gone through changes … lots and lots of changes. People have come and gone. We have had features and more. Hell, I am running this website and am EIC of Herotaku. But, just because I been there, I haven’t forgotten about my child, Broken Infinite. 
There is gonna to be more to come. You will see some changes within the next few weeks. There is gonna be a plethora of new content and a harder edge. We are gonna go back a bit old school here. The video playlists will start returning. We will continue to break the cycle with more content, looking at the comic book industry from not just the Big Two but a whole and do more to entertain you. 
   There are exciting things on the horizon. And there is so much we want to do and will do in the future. It’s been two years and I wanted to do it right.  
I want to thank all the people that have posted or who are posting on the Broken Infinite: 
Jeremias De Leon
Jake Estrada
Eric McLeod
Darryll B. Carter
Hector Ramirez
Michael Flinn
Jeff Williams
EZ Rider
Michael Arroyo
Big Cheese
Caleb the Time Traveler
Spaceman Hardy
John Corey Turner
Matt Packard
Edward Garcia
Bryan Clendening
Cardfight TV

Thank you for everyone who has viewed. Thank you to all the guests who have appeared and will appear