Seraph’s Sanctions: BOOK OF DEATH #1

Writer: Robert Venditti
Art: Robert Gill & Doug Braithwaite
Colors: David Baron & Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Editor: Warren Simons




The 411:

Eternal Warrior has become a wanted man because of him protecting a girl from the future … who so happens to also be a Geomancer named Tama. Unity thinks that Tama is the cause of the all destruction and chaos in the world … but, what they overlook is that there are other forces at work. These other forces rival or even surpass the power of a Geomancer.

X-O Manowar tries to convincing
While G.A.T.E. is convinced that Tama is the cause of the chaos and murder, Eternal Warrior is faced with fighting his friends …

The force that they are facing …. is another Geomancer.


Big Moment:

Eternal Warrior must face his “teammates” after being attacked by scorpions.


The Good:

Ok. This book is NOT for the weak at heart. Gill displays some very gruesome and creepy imagery in this first issue. You quickly find that the Earth  is angry as there are a ton of dead people, impaled by some trees. It is a sight to behold. Yet, Gill and Braithwaite do an amazing job as they chronicle this next stage of the Valiant Universe. Eternal Warrior has his back against the wall and is doing his best to protect Tama. Venditti makes Gilad’s plight compelling and does a great job giving solid characterization to him. The plot is multilayered and full of mysteries, even after some were revealed, Venditti still makes readers think. The one major twist behind one of the forces behind the chaos gets revealed this issue, and it struck me as brilliant.
We get a great example of how power corrupts, under the right circumstances. Gill and Braithwraite chronicle Venditti’s writing with style. There are wonderful perspectives, great action and palpable emotion. Venditti plays on relationships which heightens everything that is going down between Gilad and Unity. And, with Baron and Reber’s colors, Gill and Braithwaite’s work look vibrant and eye catching.

BOD_001_006 BOD_001_007

The Bad:

Honestly … I’m kind of disappointed in Unity for not having more faith in Gilad. After all they have seen in their time together … they didn’t believe Gilad. I can understand G.A.T.E. cause of politics, yet this man bleed for you and worked with you for a while now and you are just going to discredit it. Eh … I’m not happy about that. I would have liked to see Unity be conflicted more. Actually having X-O Manowar or Livewire side with Gilad rather than against.


The Verdict:

Book of Death kicks off with a lot of chaos, mystery and wonder that grip you. Venditti does an excellent job using the personal relationships of Unity to help build this boiling point for Gilad and the team in the background of all these events. The Book of the Geomancer foretells Valiant’s greatest battle yet, but it looks like it will come to pass. The art is awesome as we got to see a lot of gruesome, powerful detail.  The only missteps in my mind is that the rest of Unity sides with G.A.T.E. right off the back instead of building more interpersonal conflict. Still, this was a solid kick off to Valiant’s summer event!