Seraph’s Sanctions: ETERNAL SOULFIRE #1

Writer: J.T. Krul
Art: Alex Konat, Julie Salvatierra & Mark Roslan.
Colors: Federico Blee
Letterer: Josh Reed
Editors: Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Release: July 2015



01-Eternal_Soulfire-01-Aspen 02-Eternal_Soulfire-01-Aspen



The 411:

We open our book with what seems to be a military operation taking on a dragon. While little is known about them, they see the magical beings as a threat. Meanwhile, Cassidy is doing her best to hid her wings and her new powers. Yet … she’s a girl in high school … and not the most popular girl. So, when a classmate, Viv, decides she needs to teach Cassidy a lesson cause Cassidy keeps skipping gym (For more obvious reasons to us readers, but not to the characters). Unfortunately, Viv gets a chance to “teach” Cassidy a lesson … and it changes her life.
Meanwhile, while our military operation looks for a very familiar target … we go to Los Angeles, where Miya and Lily are dishing out some judgment of their own …


Big Moment:

I have to admit, it’s a tie. Between the military group taking down a dragon and Cassidy’s “coming out,” those were pretty awesome.


The Good:

What a kick off to this new era! Previous Soulfire series, we seen other kingdoms and smaller groups at work. We open with a modern military operation taking down a dragon and that is just AWESOME! Krul definitely makes Eternal Soulfire feel a bit more distinct than its predecessors right off the bat and I love it. Cassidy is an interesting lead. Before her wings, she seemed fairly mundane. Now, with secrets to hid and her “previous life” ruined cause of a teenager who was feeling some type of way, we get to see Cassidy deal with her new lease on life. Krul makes Viv’s “lesson” feel very natural and that helps pull of the main plot with Cassidy.
The military was a great touch and, again, adds something a bit different from other previous Soulfire incarnations. We do not get much of Miya this issue, but certainly makes sure she leaves an impact. The three plotlines are beginning to develop well, with plots a and b already converging.
Konat’s art is jumping with detail and power. Every panel is full of detail, emotion and perspective. The action looks amazing and Salvatierra & Roslan really make Konat’s work jump out of the page. Every page is a glorious view for the eyes. Blee’s colors just give a vibrancy to the work that will make you want to slap yourself to make sure you are not dreaming because of the beauty the work holds. Some of Aspen’s best yet.


The Bad:

Miya. We only really saw her for like a minute or so. Kinda wanted to see more of her, but world building and main character needs to progress.


The Verdict:

Eternal Soulfire #1 gives us a lot of new within the confines of a familiar universe. Krul definitely changes things up with our new leads and these new situations, such as the military force tracking down magical beings. The issue does a great job presenting us a new status quo and new lead in Cassidy. The art is simply phenomenal and it is a solid issue all around.