Straight Forward Reviews : Book of Death Legends of the Geomancer # 1


Artist – Juan Jose Ryp

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This story serves as a sort of pre-cursor to the events of Book of Death and recounts the first Geomancer’s tale. In a style different than his other series in the Valiant universe, Fred Van Lente goes into a much more serious tone with this book and it works well.


The art is very gritty and exceptionally well detailed. The characters all seem like they’re actual humans and the environments look like they should for the period, rocks and mud and dirt. The environments add to the gritty look of the art. BOD-GEOMANCER_001_005


Fred Van Lente shows versatility in this comic by writing a gripping story about the first Geomancer here and having it set place in the distant past gives it a unique flavor along with Juan Jose Ryp’s awesome, detailed art and Jordie Bellaire’s earthy colors give the whole book a unique character. The story is also fairly interesting if you know the Valiant universe, due to mysteries and ties for other series, especially the Eternal Warrior and his brothers. I give Book of Death Legends of the Geomancer # 1 a 9 out of 10