Cardfight Vanguard Reveals Boosters, Trial Decks & More

During a Bushiroad event on July 9th, they revealed the next round of expansions for Cardfight!! Vanguard. The new sets will go along with the sixth season of the anime, called Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Gear ( GIAS) Crisis, which we talked about earlier.

Yet, this new expansion is massive, giving way to a lot of new support for clans that have not been touched and much more. There are some interesting surprises with the new support,so we are going to go down the massive list of support coming starting this November in Japan. The International release dates have not been released as of yet.

Here’s the list of new releases according the the information on both our source and their event which we have linked below:

Cardfight Vanguard G Comic Booster 01


On September 25, Japan will be hit with the first G-Era manga based booster, G-Comic Booster 01: Leader and Deletor. The cards in this extra booster will be either Link Joker or Royal Paladin, giving support to those clans based on cards there were exclusively seen in the manga.  The cover shows original protagonist Aichi Sendou alongside Neon Messiah movie and G-Era character, Ibuki Kouji.


Aqua Force, who has become a Tier 1 deck thanks to their recent support (particularly Lambrose), is getting a Clan Booster. This is the second Clan Booster for the G-Era, meaning that it will only have cards for Aqua Force.
Clan Bosters are different from Extra Boosters with two differences … Clan Boosters are only for specific clans & every pack of an Clan booster has 7 cards instead of 5. The rates of rarity breakdown: 1 Generation Rare, 4 Triple Rare, 7 Double Rare, 12 Rare ,16 common and 12 Special cards.

Each clan booster comes with 2 Rare cards or higher.


Coinciding with the beginning of the new season of the anime, we get a slew of new stuff this month:

We get two new trial decks as we see a new trial deck for Gear Chronicle and … for the first time, a trial Deck for Pale Moon. Pale Moon has not had support since Set 15. To say how long ago that was … Set 15 came out back in Japan in February 2014, hitting the states in September 2014. Besides the recent Fighter’s Collections and promos, this is the first major support for Pale Moon in nearly 2 years.

Yet, there won’t be just trial decks coming out. G-BT 05 will also be released in Japan. They will support those clans as well as Link Joker, Narukami and Oracle Think Tank.

Vanguard Releases November thru February


Fighter’s Collection 2016 will hit the market. It will contain support for every clan except for Cray Elementals, Etranger & Touken Ranbau.


G-BT 06 will be hitting shelves with support for Tachikaze, Spike Brothers and Nubatama. Yes. Nubatama has not seen support in 2 years, besides Fighter’s Collections and promos. These cards are among the few clans left that need support for the G-Era besides strides. And Japan will get them in January.


We get the release of another booster and trial deck. Yet, the shocking news is the trial deck will be of that of the undead pirate clan, Granblue. This clan will be the last clan to get G-Era support and they are getting not only a trial deck, but a new booster with more support for it. In G-BT07, we will also get support for Royal Paladin, Neo Nectar, Shadow Paladin, Nova Grappler and Pale Moon. Considering that we are getting a character who will be using Granblue as a main clan, alongside these other cards for support, this booster will be supporting clans seen by main or main supporting characters on the show: Royal Paladin (Shion), Neo Nectar (Tokuha), Nova Grappler (Kamui), Pale Moon (Either Luna or Amu), Shadow Paladin (Kanzaki).

And that is the massive amount of news at this time. It seems that we are going to be getting a lot of new cards. American release dates will sure to follow shortly after the kick off of the World Championship series. Keep your eyes glue for more news on Vanguard to come.