Writers: Gayle Middleton & Dave Dwonch
Art: Amanda Coronado & Dave Dwonch

Colors: Bill Blankenship
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment (July 2015)


The 411:

Destiny is charged to not only look after the Vamplets … but milk a dragon too. Meanwhile, Lyncinda goes a hunting for Howliss.

Big Moment:

Destiny finds herself in a tough predicament that could jeopardize her ever getting home.

The Good:

Middleton and Dwonch have a very simple, yet effective groove that makes this issue easy to dive into the universe of the Vamplets. The cute hijinks definitely make the book a fun read. The storylines are fairly basic and easy to follow, but we do get extra layers as an overarching arc is easily weaved in. Middleton and Dwonch continue to make the book fun while thinking a little outside of the box … milking dragons, baby cyclops … the fusion of monsters and overall cuteness really makes this book continue to stand out and be an enjoyable read.
Coronado and Dwonch create wonderful panels with great detail. It looks so effortless but Coronado and Dwonch really make the classic monsters look adorable while creating a wonderful world around them to play in. Blankenship’s colors really help make the art work stand out while creating a perfect mood between cute and haunting on top of the already solid art.

The Bad:

The issue was a pretty breezy read. I know it is a kids book, but just felt a bit too fast.

The Verdict:

Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery # 3 gives us a bit more of the world of the Vamplets while creating two interesting situations. We do get to see new ideas in action, such as milking Dragons and a hunt for a baby werewolf.  Destiny might be trapped forever, which builds upon the over arching story. The book is fun and so visually appealing … it has a style of its own. It is a bit on the breezy side, but still a solid issue.