Mixtape : Dishwasher

Inspired by my days as a dishwasher. By the way the things I did like lifting 300 pound garbage is as we say in pro wrestling terms “a shoot”. Though the PURPOSE for which I made that pineapple salad may not have been truthful. Also yes, the guy really did call the bagel “the tyrannosaurus” and yes it was delicious.

This should’ve gone up yesterday. But I just got J Stars Victory VS Plus on the PS4 and… yeah… I was kinda all up in that yesterday.

I feel bad coming back with this quickly drawn mess, but hey, New Courage has a higher priority for me now (not that it’s going to look better) but there was also the fact that I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things after just how CRAZY last month was for me. Some personal family stuff happened on top of E3 and I still feel drained by it all honestly.

Please check out the tapastic version here