Seraph’s Sanctions: KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE # 2

Writer: Robert Tinnel
Art: Brenden Fraim & Brian Fraim
Published: Action Lab Entertainment (July 2015)

The 411:

Kevin, in the realm of dreams, has a small chat with Merlin. Merlin explains that Kevin has a destiny and must stop Morgan Le Fay’s invasion into the real world with her demons. After having some doubts and risking his life to save a classmate, the truth becomes all too real as Kevin and his friends are being hunted by a monster.


The Good:

Tinnel does a great job of easing Kevin and readers into his ultimate destiny. Tinnel’s exposition between Merlin and Kevin not only gave readers a real source of the plot of the series, but also gave some development to Kevin as well. It doesn’t come off as being told something to just move the story along, which is great. Tinnel slowly weaves in Arthurian mythology, allowing the pace of the story to be steady and climbing ever forward. The dialogue is pretty easy to follow, showing us different aspects of some of the other characters.
The Fraim Brothers do a solid job with the art. The style is both simple and clean while still being somewhat detailed. Porportions look great and the Fraims’ work compliment each out completely. There is a nice gloss look to the style that makes it distinct. Backgrounds are full and detailed.

The Bad:

The further away something was, the less the faces were proportioned in some cases. Yet, that was the only real gripe I had.


The Verdict:

This was a really solid issue. We got some plot and character development done nearly. Arthurian mythology was slowly weaved in, making it easier for readers to digest. The art was pretty good, giving some really solid and, in some cases, creepy panels. It really worked for the characters and the story! A pretty solid 2nd issue.