Seraph’s Sanctions: IMPERIUM #6

Writer: Joshua Dysart
Art: Scot Eaton & Wayne Faucher

Colors: Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Alejandro Arbona

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment


imperium 6 cover03

The 411:

Harada has a chit chat with Broken Angel about the cold fusion reactor and the future while Grave Dog is taking down Project Rising Spirit soliders. Kozol continues to run for his life from the chasing Lord Vine 99 while Mech Major continues on with the plans to take down the sub and get what they need. It all goes according to plan … and then it doesn’t.


Big Moment:

Pretty much had to stop myself from screaming “Holy S++++” cause we get our first glimpse of Divinity.


The Good:

Eaton and Faucher let the art speak for itself these issues as Harada gives little to no quarter against the Project Rising Spirit staff. Broken Angel continues to be both beautiful and hauntingly disturbing at the same time, thanks to the artistic prowess of Eaton and Faucher alongside Dysart’s solid writing. The detail and color of this issue fit because they are in a submarine that is getting attacked. The grays and darker blues and blacks gave a good sense of atmosphere. Eaton and Faucher liven it up with the action throughout the entire issue. It is amazing how Eaton is able to give Mech Major looks of emotion, even though his design does not see to make that possible.

Dysart continues to write powerful, compelling work. It is very hard to decide who to cheer for in this book. The actions of Harada are pretty brutal … yet, Dysart’s justification for them are deep and interesting. Project Rising Spirit continues to be a snake, but with sprinkles of loyal, decent human beings within them. The dichotomy of both factions continue to make this storyline, especially this issue, a spectacular read. Dysart wastes no words or movement in the book as the storyline builds and we get deeper characterizations of our main cast. I particularly love anything dealing with Broken Angel. Cold, sterile sounding Broken Angel. Dysart continues to just be a master of writing characters.


The Bad:

Bad … the only thing bad is how much of a sin how good this book is.


The Verdict:

There is just so much going for this book. There is strong characterization, advancing plotlines, stunning art and a unique theme. This books continues to be amazing how it can bring people that a majority of them are pretty much the scum of the Earth, but still be an entertaining, compelling read … month after month. This is how comics showed be. Making you question yourself and these characters as human beings, their beliefs and the actions you and they take. And this book does this often.