Seraph’s Sanctions: MAYDAY # 3

Writer: Curt Pines
Art: Alex Diotto & Chris Peterson
Color: Dee Cunniffe

Letterer: Colin Bell

Publisher: Black Mask Studios


The 411:

As Terrance and Kleio’s attempt to stop the cult from bringing about armaggedon fails and they get crucified … trust me on this … we get two cops … Mike and Landry try to stop our animal masked cult. It looks like the police were gonna step in and stop this mess … yet, vices can be very dangerous … especially went trying to summon a powerful demon …


The Big Moment:

The End pretty much made me do a spit take and say “Holy SHIT!”


The Good:

Peterson, Diotto and Pines create quite a bit of atmosphere here. There’s great action, insane antics and a Satanic cult in animal masks that end up in a massive shoot out. Through cocaine use, police cars and cruxfictions, Diotto and Peterson draw it all well. The panels aren’t too detailed but the gritty style works well for the story. Diotto and Peterson do a great job drawing people of different colors, races, sizes and it adds to the crazy Holllywood story they are telling here. Cunniffe’s colors help bring out the best of Diotto’s and Peterson’s work.

Pines writes an incredible issue here. There is very much a cult movie/primetime cable show hit here. The entire issue was rising action with cuts of Terrance past as a drug addict mixed in. The hollywood screen writer was on top of the world … now he’s on a cross watching a cult trying to bring about Armageddon which he failed to stop. Pines gives some deeper character development to him, Mike and Landry, even though certain characters don’t last very long in this issue. There is a real sense of danger, but still not sure what the crossdresser has to do with anything yet. I am sure we will find out for sure in time.

The ending was a hell of a cliffhanger and definitely wants readers begging for more.

The Bad:

Diotto’s style might not be everyone’s cup of team. It is simple with some detail, but not hyper detailed. People may be turned off by it. Yet, I find it does fit.
The Verdict:

Mayday # 3 continues a pulse pounding ride in Hollywood’s underbelly with sex and drugs holding on to characters who are trying to save the world. It is definitely an “in your face” book that just makes no apologies. Yet, it is gripping. The art is good. The writing is solid and it follows a show/movie’s structure in how it shows the material that works well in a comic. Mayday is being optioned for a tv adaption … and I can understand why. This books is great!