Seraph’s Sanctions: VENTURE #1

Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Jamal Igle
Colors: James Brown
Letterer: Ray Dillon
Published: Action Lab Entertainment


Venture_1_variant A PROOF

The 411:

Meet Reggie! He’s a reporter that loves to get stories on the mysterious and weird … and loves to make money as a freelancer. Meet Joe! He’s a history teacher that none of his fellow staff members know about … cause he’s been hiding his super powers while saving people randomly. One of his random saves ends up a chance encounter … that Joe may soon regret.


The Big Moment:

Joe making his appearance … through fire.


The Good:

Igle’s pencils and inks are still solid, even after all these years. This book looks great with a good amount of detail, expression and emotion that is caught easily. Every person has a great, distinct look and Igle makes it look so effortless. Igle brings some great action and emotion to the characters to show us who our main characters are. Joe is upstanding, yet somewhat introverted. Reggie is opportunistic and wide eyed. Igle shows off these traits with ease. Brown’s colors makes Igle’s work look rich and powerful.

Faerber’s writing is witty, interesting and captivating. Faerber does a wonderful job establishing our characters, their personalities and the driving force behind the series rather quickly and neatly. The pacing of the first issue was perfect and the ending was just at the right time. The dialogue felt authentic and was never wasteful. Everything had a reason. The structure of the issue was great as it present the characters and their motivations with ease. Faerber made some endearing characters of Joe and Reggie … even if Reggie is kind of a scumbag.

Venture_1 PROOF-5

The Bad:

Might feel dated with the VCR reference. But that’s nitpicking.


The Verdict:

This first issue was definitely solid from start to finish. The art was stunning. The writing was superb. The plot was being built on and not force fed. The issue was paced perfectly. Joe and Reggie already feel like fully realized characters because of these few pages and I am looking forward to more.