Seraph’s Sanctions: NINJAK # 4


Writer: Matt Kindt

Artists: Juan Jose Ryp, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Marguerite Sauvage, Brian Thies & Butch Guice
Colors: Ulises Arreola

Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Warren Simons
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment (June 2015)



The 411:

Colin is found out thanks to Roku and her deadly skills. Yet, as a nice little breather from the pulse pounding first storyline, we get to have backstory this issue … not just on Roku, but on Kannon as well.
Roku’s origin is bathed in blood and mysticism … including a VERY significant mystical player in the Valiant Universe making a cameo.



Big Moment:
Seeing Roku learn of her powers … in order to save her own butt.


The Good:

NINJAK_004_003          Ninjak #4 would be, in anime terms, filler, but really wasn’t at the same time. Roku was already gaining popularity from the moment her first images went up. And to have the issue focus on how she came into being was fairly awesome. Kindt makes her narrative strong and compelling. She is definitely a woman who knows what she’s doing and trusts her instincts. Kindt takes the time to connect Roku and Ninjak to the larger Valiant Universe with the appearance of …….. NAH. I’m not spoiling it. It’s a cameo, but an effective one none the less as it hints at the challenges Roku must face later this issue.

While Clay & Seth’s couple of pages were stunning and full of detail with wonderful panel composition, the majority of the issue when to Juan Jose Ryp. And Ryp does a magnificent job throughout the entire issue as he tells the tale that make Roku Roku. The grittiness of the backgrounds and the danger she had to face was rendered beautifully. The action was fluid. The detail was just wonderful and Arreola’s colors worked perfectly. Arreola does a spectacular job matching the right colors to each artists, and it works so well. The panels are vibrant when they need to be or muted, depending on the story. Sauvage’s art looked great here as well, with her few pieces.

Guice continues to make compelling, eye popping work with his tale of the past. The entire book was wonderful.


The Bad:

Nothing was really bad. I thought I would be upset by the interruption of the main plot, but I wasn’t. I really liked this.



The Verdict:

What seems to be filler is a wonderful character study on both Roku and Kannon. We get a little deeper into their characters, their motivations and more. The art was absolutely gorgeous and Kindt continues to write great, complex characters that are relatable, no matter how fantastic things seem. He really let’s readers get a good sense of the characters voice.NINJAK_004_006