Seraph’s Sanctions: BLOODSHOT REBORN #3

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Mico Suayan
Colors: David Baron
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Editor: Warren Simons
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment (June 2015)



The 411:

Ray fights with Kay over who he is supposed to be versus who he was. Meanwhile, Agent Festival does her best to look deeper into the mystery of the Bloodshot Donald Chester while Agent Hoyt will not even believe anything outside of the normal … even after looking at Donald Chester. As Agent Festival gets a lead, Ray makes his choice on what to do next.


Big Moment:

Ray makes his decision.


The Good:

Suayan continues to give the best art of his career. Every single line, every single detail is done to perfection by Suayan. The mood and emotion is captured vivid on the page and there is plenty of things to look at. Suayan definitely has no problem showing characters of different shapes and sizes. The action of the over all issue is kinetic and gripping. Baron’s colors really brings out the best o f Suayan’s work, making the art look even more stunning and powerful.

What Suayan does with art, Lemire captures with words, dialogue, emotion and plot. Lemire really begins to flesh out our hero more, giving more added depth than he ever had. This issue continues to be a compelling look at a man deciding on who he’s supposed to be. Lemire does that seamlessly with great characterizations and strong dialogue. Kudos to Lemire as well for granting us a blessing with characterizations of Agent Hoyt and Festival, making these characters feel more authentic.  Lemire sets up the status quo firmly this issue as he gives new definition to our title character.

BSRB_003_005 BSRB_003_006

The Bad:

That I have to wait ANOTHER MONTH for the next one.


The Verdict:
It is a crime how beautiful, rich and gripping that this book is.  Lemire, Suayan and Baron are becoming one of the best creative teams in comics and this work shows it. This book is certified perfection with a little of everything in it.  Gripping story, powerful characterization, absolutely jaw dropping art and vivid colors make Bloodshot Reborn # 3 a solid single issue.