Seraph’s Sanctions: IVAR, TIMEWALKER # 6


Writer: Fred Van Lente
Art: Francis Portela
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Tom Brennan

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment (June 2015)



The 411:

Haha! You were expecting Doctor or Xaos (Jerry) to review this, didn’t you? Well, SURPRISE!! It is always good to switch things up.

Ivar collected his brothers Aram, better known as Armstrong, and Gilad, better known as Eternal Warrior, come together to invade Obliv-1 in order to rescue Neela. As the Anni-Padda brothers wait for their ship to be built, Neela and her future self keep working on her original experiment to find a startling discovery.


Big Moment:

It is always entertaining to see Gilad with Armstrong … even more so now that it is modern day Armstrong with 4001 Gilad.  Ivar being there with his brothers just makes the whole scene more interesting.
IVAR_006_002 IVAR_006_003
The Good:

Portela’s art is fabulous throughout the issue. The detail and panel composition is absolutely wonderful throughout the entire issue.  Portela gives clear pictures of these grand characters of different ages and sizes alongside the sci-fi setting. Dalhouse really brings out the best of Portela’s work with some pretty vivid color to watch the setting.
Van Lente continues to write enjoyable, gripping scripts with a wonderful characterizations, interesting plot points and witty dialogue.  The issue is nice, dense and full of interesting easter eggs for readers to look at. Van Lente continues to play off the dysfunction of the three Anni-Padda brothers well, allowing Ivar to have an air of superiority as the oldest brother. As the main plot moves along, Van Lente makes sure the journey is fun along the way.


The Bad:

While I enjoyed the panel composition … there was a lot of white. I feel like some different color with the plan white would have been slightly more appealing.



The Verdict:

Breaking History continues this insane, hilarious and compelling saga of three brothers together again to help a friend of the family. Yet, this family is interesting and dysfunctional. Van Lente layers mysteries within the funny while progressing characters and the main plot. Portela’s art really shines to make this book look stunning. A solid book once again.