TheGameRiffers @ E3 2015 come join the festivities!

As many of you who are into gaming know this week is the largest video game event in the world the Electronic Entertainment Expo more commonly known as E3 and this year The Game Riffers are going to be doing live commentary on the press conferences.

Here’s how it works and how you can join in. Join us and our chat at the start of each press conference, which have their times conveniently laid out for you in the graphic below. While you’re listening to us watch the press conference too and chat in our twitch chat. We will not be streaming the conferences themselves just our commentary so finding those press conferences will be your priority. Luckily the conferences are on a variety of places like and also on twitch like our own stream, usually under the account of whichever company is doing the press conference. i.e. Sony’s press conference will be on Sony’s twitch and so forth. We’re also pretty good about giving the link to watch the official streams in our chat if asked.

As for where to catch our commentary stream. If you’re on this site the stream will be conveniently located to your left in a small embedded player, and if you want to see the stream in a larger player with the option to chat with us go to

If you want to know the times just check out the graphic below, special thanks to Favine of Herotaku for making it and to Herotaku in general for joining us in the coverage/commentary.