Seraph’s Sanctions: THE FOUR POINTS # 3

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Art: Jordan Gunderson, John Ercek & Mark Roslan

Colors: Valentina Pinto & Justice
Letterer: Josh Reed
Editor (s): Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro
Published: Aspen Comics ( June 2015)

The 411:

We get a taste of Gia’s origin. Then, in the present, we get to see some men trying to blow up a hospital with people because of a brand new diaease. As the Four Points arrive, they find that they have to find the source inside … and kill it. Aspen is not one to just kill, but gets “volunteered” by Ivana. As she goes in, she finds one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse.


Big Moment:

Aspen makes her choice … and the Four Points make theirs. And it might be that Aspen is on the wrong team.


The Good:

We get continued build up of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and their “Uncle.” Lobdell gives us clues to Gia’s origin and the history between the Four Points and the Four Horsemen.   Lobdell definitely fleshes out the Four Points more this issue as we find that Aspen and the rest of her team do not always agree. Ivana also shows that she has no problem being a little manipulative to test someone. Really great characterization as well as some smart thinking in the use of Aspen’s powers in the situation.
Gunderson’s art has done well with some detailed panel work. Ercek and Roslan definitely helped bring out the best of Gunderson’s pencils as there was such great action. The panel work is solid and Pinto and Justice brings about great color to Gunderson’s work.


The Bad:

There are some panels that Gunderson drawing some heads that seemed misporportioned with their bodies.

The Verdict:

The Four Points # 3 begins to set up the main plot further while giving character development for the whole team. There definitely seems to be a different in philosophy between The Four Points and Aspen herself.  The art is pretty good except for those few panels where the heads just look too big for their bodies. This was an entertaining book otherwise.