Seraph’s Sanctions: MIDNIGHTER # 1


Writer: Steve Orlando
Art: ACO & Hugo Petrus
Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Chris Conroy
Published: DC Comics (June 2015)

Midnighter 01 pics 02


The 411:

We start off with a theft from the orbiting base known as “The God Garden”  where Gardener was attacked and something was stolen. Meanwhile, Midnighter is on a date with a guy … that is NOT Apollo.  Jason gets a taste of Midnighter’s life as their first date is crashed by some terrorists that use hate to help kill people.

Jason gets to learn a bit more of Midnighter’s life, seeing where our hero lives. Yet, their second date gets weirder as Midnighter puts a tracer on Jason.  Hell … it’s one of the craziest tracers I have ever seen! Yet, it basically is a special pager for trouble when Midnighter ends up back in God Garden … finding out EXACTLY what was stolen.

Big Moment:

Seeing Midnighter deal with the terrorist, showing how bad ass he is by stating that they move the way he wants them to move.
The Good:

This book is AMAZING! DC Comics promised to concentrate on stories that creators wanted to make and this first issue makes no apologies for its actions, language and set up. This book feels very much in the vain of “The Authority,” “Stormwatch,” and some Vertigo titles.  Orlando brings us a charismatic, yet a bit skewed lead. Midnighter is very much into being Midnighter; so much so that some regular people who know what Midnighter looks like without the costume just call him M. Orlando makes the issue fast paced while also allowing for plenty of development for our lead.  With the mystery of the God Garden, the attacker and the Midnighter himself, there is plenty in this book to look forward to.
By the way, kudos to DC to show Midnighter and Jason alluding that they hooked up. They are certainly not giving a crap. They are really pushing this DC YOU stuff, huh?
ACO and Fajardo make an outstanding team. This book has a unique flavor and look of its own that definitely makes it stand out against the rest of DC line and that is a GREAT thing. ACO’s art is just electrifying with great detail. Fajardo’s colors in the book make it stand out even more so: allowing Midnighter to be a more unique reading experience.

Midnighter 01 pics 03

The Bad:
Anyone else missing Apollo?


The Verdict:

Midnighter #1 gives us a great reintroduction to a popular character that gives “no fucks” about who he’s facing. He loves what he does … maybe too much and he has one of the most interesting and original words around him.  This issue had a little bit of everything and Orlando made it feel so organic while being innovative at the same time. ACO, Petrus and Fajardo did a spectacular job with the bold that illustrated this world. It only makes me want to see more of it.  Really a strong beginning for Midnighter!