Cardfight Vanguard G-BT 04 Clans Revealed

A couple of hours ago, Bushiroad released an official promo picture of the up-coming 4th set within their G series boosters. The new booster picture looks as it has the main protagonist of the Cardfight Vanguard G anime, Chrono Shindou, in front of what seems to be what could be a crossride (updated, more powerful) version of his Gear Chronicle deck, Chronojet Dragon.  The clans confirmed in the picture are as follows:

GBT04 Vanguard Pic

Gear Chronicle
Royal Paladin

Neo Nectar

Shadow Paladin


Angel Feather

Cray Elementals


GBT04 Vanguard Sleeves

Yep. These 8 clans will be showing up in the set. I do have a few theories on it. First, Gear Chronicle getting more support makes sense in general. It is the main protagonists clan and it is a new clan that was introduced when the G series of boosters started.  Second, we are going to see upgrades for not only Chrono, but for Tokuha & Shion as well. Since there is Royal and Neo Nectar support, it makes sense. Third, more Shadow Paladin support after there was support for it with a Legend Deck and G-BT 03. It will have Kanzaki’s (the new Shadow Paladin player on the show)  crossride. Fourth, support for Genesis and Angel Feather are not a surprise as the anime already featured two users for them that BEAT Tokuha and Shion. Much like in the original booster sets where Pale Moon and Dark Irregular got support because of they being main antagonists, the same can be said here. Fifth, DEAR GOD … MEGACOLONY gets support … and they get support before Pale Moon. That is … wow! And more Cray Elemental support means more support cards. Not sure if they will make it a full clan yet or not. We will have to see.

Here are the sleeves that will be released with the set, including “evolved” or crossrides for units:

Chronos Dragon Nextstage 『クロノドラゴン・ネクステージ』
Clan: Gear Chronicle

Sacred Knight of Soaring Skies, Altomile 『飛天の聖騎士 アルトマイル』
Clan: Royal Paladin

Dream-Spinning Ranunculus, Asha 『夢紡ぐラナンキュラス アーシャ』
Clan: Neo Nectar

Sovereign Black Dragon, Aura Geyser Damned 『覇道黒竜 オーラガイザー・ダムド』
Clan: Shadow Paladin

Holy Seraph, Raphael 『聖霊熾天使 ラファエル』
Clan: Angel Feather

Destruction God Beast, Vanargand 『破壊神獣 ヴァナルガンド』
Clan: Genesis

Violent Arms Mutant, Stanbeetle 『暴槍怪神 スタンビートル』
Clan: Megacolony

This set definitely seems to match what the anime is building up to: confrontations with the main protagonists and main antagonists. While I am a little surprised that we got more Shadow Paladin stuff so soon, when you look at many of the other clans in the set, it makes sense. Angel Feather has gone the longest without support, not seeing any since set 13 besides the promo Legion and stuff from last year’s and this year’s Fighters Collection.  Megacolony’s last support, besides Fighter’s Collections and promo legion, was back in set 15. Genesis has not seen support since the extra booster Waltz of the Goddess and Fighter’s Collection 2015. It should be very interesting with the cards that will come out to not only help older decks, but how these clans work in the stride mechanic to all of them.

As for the added support of the other clans … I don’t think it is necessary besides Gear Chronicle, but it makes sense with the anime and what might be new ace cards for the characters. Pale Moon, Nubatama, Spike Brothers, Tachikaze & Granblue are the remaining clans that have yet to get support during the Cardfight Vanguard G era. And with Spike Brothers, Tachikaze and Granblue getting support in BT 16 & 17 (the last two boosters of the original era before becoming G), we probably won’t see them till set 5 or 6.

The name of the booster has yet to be given, but G-BT 04 will hit Japan on August 28, 2015.