Straight Forward Reviews : Skyward # 8

Jeremy Dale’s adventure epic returns for issue 8.

Writer – Jeremy Dale

Artist РJeremy Dale 

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Three Rivers is in the sights of an enemy with a powerful army on his side and the ruler of Three Rivers is preparing his own for the attack. In the meantime the Rabites are training and scouting for the attack as well and run into some people usually unlikely to be as deep into the woods as they are.

This issue is certainly building towards something epic and possibly catastrophic in the Skyward universe as there’s an underlying tension through the whole issue and quite a big bang at the end.

The story moves at a decent pace this issue and gives enough time for characters personalities to be revealed more. Though the issue is remarkably short.


Jeremy’s lines and Kathryn Layno’s and Hoyt Silva’s colors come together to form some of the most charming and full of personality art I’ve seen in a while. Where a lot of comics, especially in the big two seem to have some technically great, but very similar, art styles this comic is full of a style that is it’s own and easily identifiable.


While I loved the art and the story is solid it felt like it ended much too quickly. Understandably it has quite a younger reader fanbase but the rest of the story never insulted the intelligence of the kids and it felt like it could have been the length of a standard comic. But the story is still, as stated before, very solid and the art is wonderful so I give Skyward # 8 a 9 out of 10.