Seraph’s Sanctions: WE CAN NEVER GO HOME # 2

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Art: Josh Hood & Amanda Scurti
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Published: Black Mask Studios ( May 2015)

Warning: This will be a mature review. I repeat. There is harsh language in this review! You have been warned.

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The Fucking 411:

After Madison saves Duncan from his pops … seemingly killing him … the two take a car and begin their journey. Yet, Madison needed some clothes before leaving, coming across her parents as she says goodbye … well, her adopted father does at least.  Her adopted mom … acts like a miserable old cunt and we get to find out another twist in this festival of 80s teens movies turned into compelling comics.  After that little visit, they meet up with Madison’s ex, which Duncan has some fun with this time followed by deciding to raid a drug dealers home to take their money … cause they need money to live.

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The Good:

Holy shit! I pretty much said that at least 8 times throughout reading this comic. After reading this second issue, readers will definitely find themselves hooked. Rosenberg and Kindlon grip readers from start to finish with a great balance of emotional moments, character development, intriguing twists and very realistic sounding characters. The conflict between Madison and her adopted mom was pretty palpable from the word go.  Duncan is fucking amazing in this issue. Duncan proves himself to not only Madison, but to a few other people too this issue. While it looked like Madison would have to carry the weight of things cause of her abilities … this issue made her a bit more vulnerable and allowed Duncan to balance it out with his own brand of “Christian Slater in Heathers -like” brutalness.  The dynamic between the two are very organic and readers really can cling to them easily.
Josh Hood and Amanda Scurti did their thing with some great perspectives, wonderful color and gripping visuals. Scurti’s colors fit not only the characters, but just the right tone and mood of the panel. It helps elevate Hood’s clean yet detailed pencils. From the opening panel to the very last one page panel at the end of the book, the art was gripping.  The action was kinetic and the emotion between the characters was displayed well. This book was simply awesome!

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The Bad:

The bad is if you don’t own this book, then you are missing out! Just saying.


The Verdict:

A compelling, relateable story with gripping characters, interesting plot twists and perfect pacing makes this book one of comics best out there. Even if you don’t like old 80s movies like this, this is very hard to not find something relateable in this book. The characters are well fleshed out. The art is superb. And with the mysteries, actions and depths that our characters will or have gone, We Can Never Go Home might be something that you just want to hang on to forever. Comics at its best!