Seraph’s Sanctions: LOLA XOXO: WASTELAND MADAM # 2


Writer: Vince Hernandez
Art: Siya Oum
Letterer: Josh Reed
Assistant Editor: Andrea Shea
Editor (s): Frank Mastromauro & Vince Hernandez
Publisher: Aspen Comics (June 2015)


The 411:

We dive more into Maddy’s past as we learn of her connection with Alton. Their past seems to hold a key as it is used for set up with current plotlines in this story. Plus, Maddy’s actions with Waylon last issue makes some of her crew ready to stage a coup. We also deal with Pat’s past, diving into how he became who he is now. Freedom might be at hand … and Maddy has the key for their freedom.


Big Moment:

Nothing like some infighting to make thing interesting.


The Good:

Oum continues to produce wonderful works of art with each and every panel. There is definitely a good amount of detail alongside the very beautiful water colors that were added to her panel work. She continues to do some great line work and make the book look and feel distinct. The brown tones were not as evident this issue as they were last issue, which is a big help. Oum’s stunning panels grip you with emotion or excite you with action.

Hernandez does a lot this issue and it is paced perfectly. He builds upon the characters, developing Pat, Waylon, Alton and Maddy in this drama. Hernandez also presents to us two sides that are relateable to Maddy’s actions. We also get to see the connection between Maddy and Alton clearly stated and the slow development of who Maddy was to who Maddy is. The dialogue is great and it is a bit of a denser read than Hernandez’s normal work, which works to our benefit. With plots being set up and driving forward, this issue definitely built more upon the world.


The Bad:

Oum’s art is amazing … except for a couple of panels where it seems the outline for the detail on characters were too thin or just nonexistent. This is a minor gripe.


The Verdict:

The book gives compelling drama as people try to survive this apocalypse together, and there seems to be an issue with unity.We get a deep look at our main heroine, antagonist and supporting cast as the main plot drives forward. The art is still gorgeous and the writing is solid.