Martian Comics # 3 Kickstarts For 52-Page Issue

Martian Comics 01

Martian Comics is kickstarting their company to complete their 52-page anthology, Martian Comics # 3. The book will be a mix of science fiction tropes of the 80s and 90s, mixed in with mature subject matter and pulp like additions. Three artists will be apart of the 7 stories within this 52 page book. ¬†And they need your help now. You can go to their Kickstarter and help them make this book a reality. The book will be overseen and mostly written by Sequart Organization’s Julian Darius. Darius even states in the Kickstarter page that he wants to “to get back that early Vertigo feeling, when mature writing blended with pulpy subject matter, elevating what genre comics could be.”

The seven stories are as follows:

“One Small Step” : Dealing with the moon landing … if it was the Martian Moon landing instead.
“Safari” : focusing on a boy trying to survive a coming of age ritual in his city. Said ritual involves a dangerous hunt and the boy must face his fears, his father and more.
“Ezekiel” : which deals with prehistoric humanity meeting aliens, with a twist.

“What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?”: Deals with the philosophical impact of Lazarus seeing St. Paul’s visit as they talk about Jesus … who Lazarus personally knew but St. Paul never met.

“Another Small Step” which is a sequel to “One Small Step” and two other stories, “Small Talk with Rats” and “The Other.”

With a $2,600 goal, it is definitely possible, but they need your help.