Batman: Endgame MEGA Review


Story Arc Title: Endgame

Issues: 35-40

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Greg Capullo

DC Comics

Batman Endgame Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
Tale of the Tape:
Gotham City, recovering from the events of Batman Eternal, is suddenly have an entire section of it covered in smoke. We find Batman inside of a mecha … yes, a bat mecha as he is fighting for his life … against members of the Justice League. Yep. After clash with Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman. Batman hopes he doesn’t have to face down Superman when the Man of Steel shows up. Batman starts to wonder who is behind it when a devish smile grazed across his face, revealing that answer.
  The Joker has returned and he was not going to take prisoners this time. Joker decides to cause chaos in a massive scale in Gotham with a new joker virus that has people getting Jokerized and going insane. Meanwhile, Batman, Alfred and Julia do their best to stop the carnage. No one is safe as Batman finds the citzens of Gotham becoming infected and a new mystery behind the Joker.
  The Joker is in rare form as he has an almost complete victory over the Dark Knight.
Batman Endgame 01 Batman Endgame 02 Batman Endgame 03
The Art:
  This is one of the most brutally drawn Batman stories in history. Capullo goes all out as he takes this storyline. There are tons of details, backgrounds and action that is just amazing.Capullo’s panel composition and sequential art storytelling is profound as the art gives the right amount of shading, detail and color to make this story fit a mood and feel that they just want to capture. We have everything from powerful, emotional moments to powerful revelations being revealed to down right scary panel work that just continues to show the brillance of his collaboration with Scott Snyder. Batman # 40 will go down in history as one of the most detailed and gruesome fights the Dark Knight has ever had in any medium.
      There was no shying away from the sheer brutality of the battle while Capullo and company still made sure every single detail in every panel was full of life. It was a tour de force from this art team and they delievered what may be one of the greatest comic book stories of all time.
Batman Endgame 04 Batman Endgame 05
The Writing:
    This was a comic book masterpiece. Nothing short of exqusite. Snyder constructed this tale and made every last word, picture and issue count. Snyder creates a tapestry that calls out to nearly everything that Batman is while really putting his stamp on the Joker. the Joker here is very different from the Joker in Death of the Family. This Joker is a lot more cunning than we ever gave him credit for. He’s vicious. He’s brutal. And Snyder pushes him and Bruce Wayne more than ever before.
Snyder crafts mystery, action, horror and intrigue together to create a truly gripping story of Batman‘s finest hour … and his final moments. To say that this was definitely a defining moment of Bruce Wayne would be underselling the story. The dialogue was smart. The pacing was perfect. Every character had moments to shine and the conflict between the Joker and Batman was more powerful than any other confrontation they’ve ever had.
  Snyder makes sure that the whole story definitely signals the end of Batman. With multiple signs of death, and linking the story through the use of play terminology and three act set up that makes the entire story engrossing and magnetic. Synder also kept a great mystery going throughout the entire arc till we got some kind of definite ending as well as bringing enough characters to keep the ending as epic as it should be.
  Snyder proves a master of his craft as this closes this chapter of Bruce Wayne, Batman.
Batman Endgame 06 Batman Endgame 07
Final Verdict:
This story is one of the greatest comic book stories of all time. We get to see Bruce Wayne as Batman defined as we see his greatest battle. We see two characters that defined good and evil at their very best and very worst and Synder and Capullo bring this out masterful. The art was stunning. The writing was dense, compelling and thrilling. End Game was truly an end of an era and It was one hell of a great ride.
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