Erica J. Heflin’s THE BLACK HAND makes a triumphant return with issue #4

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$1.99, 22 pgs, Full Color, 17+
story by Erica J. Heflin
art by Fares Maese
lettered by Wes Locher

The ghostly Grey Boy enters the fray as the Cold Ones are summoned by their Master. Victoria and the White Frost finally come face-to-face as they fight for the lives of the people of the mountains. But even with the slaying power of the Black Hand at their disposal, neither Victoria nor her allies are prepared for the force of nature descending upon them.

10 comic books!
$9.99, Over 200 pages,  17+

There’s something for everyone at Alterna Comics and this starter pack is the key to a much larger world of science fiction, horror, fantasy, action, and adventure!
We’ve compiled these TEN fan-favorite, critically acclaimed first issues for your enjoyment: All My Ghosts, Billy the Pyro, Wolves of Summer, Cannons in the Clouds, MYTH, FUBAR: Summer Special, The Black Hand, Spring-Heeled Jack, The Carrier, and The Dolridge Sacrament. Read. Enjoy. Imagine!

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