Straight Forward Reviews : X-O Manowar # 36

Just a note. Future reviews starting with this one will use a ten point rating system instead of the five point one we were using.

XO_036_COVER-A_SANDOVALWriter – Robert Venditti

Artist – Diego Bernard

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon 


Dead Hand attacks the planet Loam and the now peaceful Vine and sets it’s sights for Earth. This issue sees Aric making a plea for help to stand against Dead Hand as it makes its way to his home planet.

We see something quite interesting in this issue. Which though there is dialog it gives a look into Aric’s mind and we see how he has truly grown since the early days and the beginning events of Unity. We see that although he still has a fire to him it is a tempered fire and he truly does want to use his power to help people and isn’t afraid to ask for help anymore.

That isn’t to say there isn’t action in this issue as there is plenty of destruction but this issue is about setting the stage for the big battle in the next one and it does its job well.


Though the action isn’t the primary focus in this issue it sure looks spectacular when it’s happening on panel. What looks particularly fantastic are the shots later in the issue that show a group. These pages look like they’re larger than life and considering the type of story being told, one could say they are. The art looks breathtaking. XO_036_004


Overall, X-O Manowar is enjoyable. The story flows nicely, there’s some great looking action shots and overall the art is fantastic. If you haven’t read X-O Manowar in a while, or at all, it also reads like a good jumping in point to start following the adventures of Aric of Dacia. I give X-O Manowar a 9 out of 10.