Worlds of Aspen 2015 FCBD Review


Published: Aspen Comics (May, 2015)

Writer:  J.T. Krul  (Eternal Soulfire) & Vince Hernandez (Fathom: Blue)

Pencils: Alex Konat (Eternal Soulfire) & Claudio Avella
Inks:  Mark Roslan & Gabe Carrasco (Eternal Soulfire)

Colors: Federico Blee (Eternal Soulfire) & Erick Arciniega (Fathom: Blue)

Letters: Josh Reed




What Happened: 

ETERNAL SOULFIRE – We are introduced to Cassidy who asks her father to tell her a story called “The Princess & The Dragon.” Meanwhile, we meet another new character that was hunting a magic user in the real world … and it does not end well for one of them.


FATHOM: BLUE –  We get introduced to our team of Blue that seem to be working for a government organization. Their outing isn’t the best as they fight against another Blue … and we find that this team might not considered heroes by everyone.



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We got a good tastes of both of these news  series. Eternal Soulfire sets up new characters and a brand new journey, allowing new readers to jump on in with new leads and they make pretty solid first impressions.  Fathom: Blue is a team book with the right kind of mixture of smart ass wit, action and intrigue. Krul scripts a great introduction that leaves a great cliffhanger and Hernandez shows us enough of the teams personality to want to learn more of this team of Blue.  Krul makes our two new main characters stand out immediately with contracting scenes.  Meanwhile, Hernandez gives enough spotlight to the entire team, save the strong man. His intro was ok, but seemed not as defined as the others. Still, both tales were plotted well and had excellent pacing.


The Bad:

The art for both is absolutely stunning. Avella is a new comer but certainly does not seem to make art like one.  Avella’s art is perfectly complimented by Arciniega’s colors. The Fathom: Blue story had solid art, with great detail and action. Eternal Soulfire’s art was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. Konat, Roslan, Carrasco and Blee blend a world of magic and modern day well that just so eye catching from one panel to the next. Konat’s solid pencils were blended in well with Roslan and Carrasco’s inks. Really great work over all.


The Verdict:

We got two great stories, FOR FREE, that were engaging, well plotted and stunningly gorgeous to look at. Aspen does not disappoint with this FCBD selection that gives you a taste of what ‘s to come with these two new titles. There is so much more to come and these two stories leave you wanting more.

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