FCBD: Valiant 25th Anniversary Special Review


Written by: Jeff Lemire , Matt Kindt & Robert Venditti 

Art by:  Butch Guice , Clay Mann, Rafa Sandoval, Seth Mann, Jordi Tarragona,Allen Passalaqua , Ulises Arreola & David Garcia Cruz
Letters: Dave Sharpe

What Happened:

BLOODSHOT REBORN – The Dream was a great transitional prelude to the brand new series . We get to see the now powerless Bloodshot deal with the fact that his powers are gone and that Kay, his beloved Geomancer, left that as one of her gifts to him. Of course, that is not the only gift she leaves him.


NINJAK – We get the striking preview of the series before the new Ninjak #1 came out again, featuring Roku  and Ninjak’s first meeting.


X-O MANOWAR –  We see the seeds of the current storyline, Dead Hand. We see the importance of Dead Hand if the Armor Hunters were to fail in taking out the armor plague.


The Big Moment:

Bloodshot telling Livewire that he wasn’t going to the hospital … and ads that 3 Valiant series would be returning.


3 stories gave us three different styles. There was plenty of detail amongst the three artists. Each story was well rendered. The Manns alongside Arreola’s work on the Ninjak preview is amazing as always. The colors were exceptional in all three pieces. Sandavol’s work looked so much smoother than it’s ever been in this preview. Yet, Guice makes a beautiful rendering of his tale alongside of Allen Passalaqua’s colors. It is simply beautiful with the detail from Guice’s art alongside the vivid colors that blend so well together in this tale. The darker inks alongside the colors really brings out the best of Guice’s work. The Mann’s complement each other completely with their pencils and inks. And Cruz makes Sandoval’s pencils look great. A good job overall.

FCBD2015_005_BLOODSHOT-excerpt VALIANT_FCBD2015_006-600x934


We got some great stories out of this. Lemire paces a wonderful tale that bridges the gap between The Valiant and Bloodshot Reborn. It’s powerful tale of a man who has a new lease on life after so much killing and hints at what is to come from the new series. The Ninjak preview was lifted from issue #1, which I already stated that Kindt was born to write that book. And Venditti’s 4 page series was strong and quickly set up things for the current X-O Manowar storyline, Dead Hand. There was excellent characterization. It is no wonder these three stars were the men who were chosen to write the comic book portions of the special. The top debuts and deaths were also nice touches to go with a well written special.


The Verdict:

We get an enjoyable look into the Valiant Universe. We get nothing short of above average work, great information and some wonderful teasers of what is to come. The only real disappointment was just getting the Ninjak preview. Sure, it is a fantastic preview. Yet, I would have rather had an original story and not something that was posted on line months ago. Otherwise, this was wonderful issue to use to get people into Valiant.

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