Molly Danger Book Two Adds More Incentives For Kickstarter Campagain

Jamal Igle wants to give more reasons for you to want to help support the kickstarter for book. Just follow the details in the press release below in order to help make the adventures of the eternally youthful Molly Danger.


Press Release

NEW YORK- Jamal Igle’s eternally young, impossibly strong super heroine, MOLLY DANGER is building momentum in its second full week on Kickstarter. Com. With 20 days left Igle has added new incentives for people pledging to the campaign.

Incentives added includes T-Shirts in adults and children’s sizes,
Retailer incentive packages with 10 copies of the Kickstarter limited edition, signed by series creator Jamal Igle, Original artwork from Molly danger Book one, signed by Jamal Igle and inker Juan Castro.

While we’re doing well and preceding a pace, we’re still a long way from making the project a reality. Readers of all ages will enjoy the book that Joshua Unruh of said was ” work worth doing and worth supporting. And if you don’t think so, then we probably can’t be friends anymore.” and Byron Hendricks, of said “All in all this 54 pager serves as a great introduction, with a lot more Molly than danger. Nevertheless, it does a great job in showing us this fun, youthful, yet emotionally troubled, character. Molly Danger is the type of character young comic readers could relate to, whilst the older generation is left longing to give her guidance. But young or old, prepare yourself to be blown away by some truly stunning visuals.” -Byron Hendricks, Fortress of Solitude

THE MOLLY DANGER: BOOK TWO KICKSTARTER is a 30-day campaign, ending on May 17th, 2015. If you can’t pledge financially, please feel free to share with your friends.

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