Straight Forward Reviews : Quantum and Woody Must Die # 4

Quantum and Woody deal with the aftermath from the end of the previous issue and a new story arc beginning in this fourth and final issue of Quantum and Woody Must Die.

QWMD_004_COVER_HAWTHORNEStory – James Asmus

Artist – Steve Lieber

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


As spoiler free a summary I’ll give is as follows: The story ends the action that the last issue ended with quite quickly and uses the rest of the issue for the aftermath. Quantum and Woody learn the truth behind what happened and Quantum attempts to move forward in life where Woody moves, well wherever he happens to see he can move to.

Asmus keeps the Quantum and Woody humor he’s written in previous arcs though despite what the two keep saying about each other’s personalities it actually does feel like we’re dealing with a more mature Quantum and Woody. Take that for what you will in Woody’s case but yes, it does feel like even he can grow. What also was a nice touch was the way it ties into the next arc by recalling a previous arc. Not going to spoil what that was but fans will remember what happened in the previous arc and possibly think to themselves “oh yeah, I remember that thing that happened. I guess that person wouldn’t go away”.  The arc itself was ok but the ties to the previous and the next arcs was really solid. Let’s also not forget their father stuck in the body of a pregnant goat. The next issue will definitely focus on that it seems.


Steve Lieber’s style might be a love it or hate it style. Depending on whether one prefers more cartoony exaggeration or realism but it does it’s job well. Specifically in showcasing character’s emotions through their facial expressions. Which makes the comedy writing really come across to the reader. QWMD_004_005


This issue of Quantum and Woody was a joy to read. Especially for those who have been reading since the beginning. It feels a bit like a return to form when the aftermath part of the issue started. If you’re a fan this is definitely a must buy, if not this seems like a good way to familiarize yourself with the duo and the tone of the series before going on to the next story arc. I give Quantum and Woody Must Die # 4 a 4.5 out of 5.