Unity # 17 Review

UNITY # 17

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Pere Perez & Brian Reber
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Entertainment
April 2015



Review by Frankie Rodriguez


What Happened:

This issue, we focus on the leader of Unity, Livewire. We get to know a bit more of Amanda’s past as she deals with her personal life outside of Unity. Come to find out … it is not doing so great. And Livewire’s abilities might be in a factor in it.


Big Moment:

Amanda enjoying a mystery for once.



Perez gives us a very clean and detailed tail of Livewire, hero and person. There is plenty of background detail and character detail to make everyone stand out easily.  From Gin-gr to Livewire to Nevelle, Perez clean pencils were presented with wonderous color thanks to Reber. The two have created a very appealing looking comic from start to finish. With this gorgeous detail, we see some of Perez’s best work yet.

UNITY_017_006 UNITY_017_002


Kindt gives us a great approach and perspective on Unity’s leader. Livewire has been so engrossed in Unity that we see the effect on her personal life outside of it. Kindt presents a very realistic, heartfelt tone and response.  The narrative of the story works well, allowing Livewire to guide readers and to feel her responses with her.

The dialogue is great and the situations were realistic. Kindt definitely makes Livewire stand out on her own in a great way that is relatable while still fantastic. Another well written issue by Kindt.



Final Verdict:

Perez and Reber kill it with some of their best work yet while Kindt continues to be a master of the pen. With great, deeper characterization, Unity # 17 ends Home Front with a satisfying one shot