Since the first few photos of  the new Armored Batman have gone up, there has been subtle clues as to who or what this Batman is going to do or be. From the red and blue lights behind the suit, to the smoking gun , to the very easily seen GCPD on its torso … this Batman was definitely going to be different. Originally, the current storyline “Endgame,” was supposed to be the swan song for writer Scott Snyder.

After multiple reports from Snyder that he was sticking around, he promised something else and something that has never been done with Batman before. Clue after clue was set up by just the covers of the June Solicitation from DC Comics. And then, there were leaks as to who the new Batman is …



All New Batman HO

The new Batman is none other than JIM GORDON! According to multiple sources like IGN & Bleeding Cool,

Jim Gordon

Jim shaves his signature mustache and head to don the battle suit when he debuts in  Divergence # 1 this Free Comic Book Day. Yet, this explains why Damian Wayne is getting a solo book and why the new Batman would target Batgirl (Note: She thought she killed her brother and Jim thought he saw Batgirl kill his son, hence why she’s wanted).  I guess we will find out what happens to Bruce during the “Endgame” finale in Batman #40 on April 29th and see Jim step up in Divergence #1 on May 2nd.