Herocats of Stellar City # 5 Review


Written by Kyle Puttkammer
Art by Marcus Williams & Ryan Sellers

Action Lab Entertainment



Review by Frankie Rodriguez


What Happened:

The Herocats begin to suspect Galaxy Man, figuring out his true identity.  The other Herocats are angry that Cassie didn’t tell them as she proves that she didn’t know before hand.  Cassie, Rocco and Rocket end up going into her home where there is an infestation of bugs just after Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl have returned.



Williams and Sellers do a great job this issue. Williams simple style conveys a lot and have a decent amount of detail. The bugs were gross and we got some decent panel work from Williams. The cats look as good as always. Suzie and Galaxy Man looked quiet heroic and Williams conveys emotion in cats and humans extremely well. A few panels look a bit less detailed, but otherwise, a solid job by Williams and Sellers.

HC5_pg005 HC5_pg004


Puttkammer gives us a simple issue with good character development. After the previous issues with back ups featuring Cosmic Girl and Galaxy Man, it is great to see them merged with the Herocats in a main story. Puttkammer has our heroes do great with presenting us with solid characterization for the Herocats. The story works well and moves quickly. Puttkammer does a great job giving personalities and a voice to each character. The issue was paced well with a solid ending.


Final Verdict:

Herocats takes the dangling plots from the back up stories and other plots throughout the series and starts tying them together. We got to get some good development for Cassie, Rocco and Rocket while advancing Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl as well. Williams once again makes this issue look appealing for nearly any age. Pretty solid issue.