Space Riders Sells Out & Gets Second Printing

Space Riders get a second printing. Black mask has another hit on hits hands.

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Press Release

SPACE RIDERS is coming back!

Before it even hit shelves SPACE RIDERS #1 was sold out at Diamond and the buzz was building. On April 1st that buzz turned to a road and SPACE RIDERS disappeared off comic shop shelves around the country. And like a dream it was all gone so quickly, with only a lucky few could actually say they got to see it. But SPACE RIDERS is the dream that keeps coming back. So, like WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1 from the week before, SPACE RIDERS is going out for reprint!

The SPACE RIDERS  #1 reprint features an all new cover by  artist Ralph Niese that is as insane and gorgeous as SPACE RIDERS itself. It will be on shelves 5/13, the same day as issue #2.

If you want to get copies of Space Riders you can make your comic shop clerk’s life easier by using the order codes for the books:
SPACE RIDERS #1 (2nd Printing)- FEB158576
SPACE RIDERS #2 (still available)- FEB151093
SPACE RIDERS #3 (still available)- MAR151021
SPACE RIDERS #4 (still available)- MAR151021

SPACE RIDERS #1 (2nd Printing)

Code: FEB158576
Artist: Alexis Ziritt
Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr.
Letters: Ryan Ferrier
Cover: Ralph Niese


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“Fabian Rangel Jr, Alexis Ziritt and Ryan Ferrier have created an instant classic and establish the foundations of a masterpiece. This is the sublime and beautiful story that you’d only get in a comic. A magnificent space epic is beginning; make sure you get in on the ground floor this March. 10 out of 10″Bloody Disgusting

“All-in, Space Riders #1 is a tremendous start for the series and a general achievement, not just for this team, but for Black Mask Studios, which, thanks to books like 2013’s Ballistic and the recent We Can Never Go Home, is quickly becoming my favorite “one to watch” publisher. I feel completely unabashed and totally justified in giving this puppy a perfect score, for being the comic book equivalent of a “sex hammer,” because it just fucking nails it. 10 out of 10.” – Comic Bastards

“Really and truly, it’s like an acid trip in space in the best kind of possible way and with just one issue, Rangel and Ziritt have distanced themselves from any other book currently available and it’s something we desperately need more of. Different is good, or in this case different isgreat.From the moment you see the absolutely stop-in-your-tracks-gorgeous cover, you’ll want to pick up this book and when you do, you’ll be hooked. For back-to-back weeks, Black Mask has put out an absolute stunner. Pick upWe Can Never Go Home and check out what Black Mask is doing, for sure, but before you do anything else, pick up Space Riders. 10 out of 10” – All Comic

“If you are looking for something completely out there, or are a classic fan of those old pulp comics, Space Riders #1 from Black Mask Studios is for you. 10 out of 10Gambit Magazine

“I’ve never done acid, but if I could get a guarantee that the trip would be half as interesting as Space Riders, I would be tripping balls right now.  The comic feels like a long lost tome that has been locked away for decades, only resurfacing now that the world is ready for it.  It’s trippy.  It’s fun.  It’s absolutely insane.  Damn, is it good. 10 out of 10” – Horror Talk

“There isn’t much more to say about Space Riders #1 other than to read it as quickly as possible and then force your friends to read it so you can gloat about having read it before them. Space Riders #1 is all the best parts of being retro with absolutely none of the nostalgia. Fabian Rangel, Jr. and Alexis Ziritt clearly have creative voices that work well in tandem and they have delivered something wholly special to shelves this week. In a market dominated by dramas, superhero books, and grand events, it is all kinds of refreshing to read a book that only aims to be entertaining and achieves that goal by heaping a giant pile of crazy onto the laps of its readers. 9 out of 10” – Newsarama

“We need more books like Space Riders; we need more books willing to just go to weird places and never take their foot off of the gas pedal. Don’t miss it. 9 out of 10” – IGN