Bo Plushy Gangsta # 3 Review

Written by Pavel Balabanov
Art by Pavel Balabanov
English Translantion by Jason Martin
Action Lab: Danger Zone

This will be a spoiler free review.  

(I am having fun with this review … so if you don’t like strong language … forgive me but this seemed appropriate.) 

                Bo finds himself facing off against weird snake alien thing called The Serpent aka Puppet Master. As the two square off, we find out how Bo came to be there and something very familiar and important to Bo is in the hands of Puppet Master.


                Holy SHIT! This book is just amazing. It is very surreal to see a plushy bear with an afro beat up an alien, snake thing. And it was glorious. Balabanov work is great from start to finish. The writing was very much fitting of current hip hop culture. The characterizations were refreshing, showing both characters in the issue playing various mind games to keep the suspense. The dialogue was certainly authentic with some great pacing. This book felt written as a one and done issue while still advancing an overall plot, much like the classic books of the 60s. Balabanov really gives us some more layers to Bo, showing his courage, his fear and his determination. 
                Balabanov’s art was simply full of life. The panels were definitely a bit more dynamic; art just popping out the muthafuckin pages. And the action … that shit was off the chain. There was guns. There was knives. There was some crazy shit and explosions. Balabanov really put great energy in the smooth pencils and colors that graced the entire issue.  There is a great use of shadow and the character design are just like FIRE.  With a healthy dose of kick ass action to go with the spirited fuckin’ dialogue,  this book is just amazeballs!


                Not a fuckin’ thing. DAMN son!


                This book was just amazing from start to finish. It was easy to follow, creative and dynamic through great art and story. Pick this book up or you be missing on on that good good son! This book ain’t for no bitchasses now. I give Bo Plushy Gangsta # 3 a solid muthafukkin 5 … out of 5.