Nutmeg # 1 Review


Written by James F. Wright
Art by Jackie Crofts
Action Lab Entertainment



Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What happened:

Cassa transfers to Mason Montgomery Junior High School and meets Poppy. As the two become friends, they have to face the rich, popular legions of Saffron and her Lady Rangers. Cassa and Saffron immediately do not like each other and the Junior High bullying antics begins. Yet, after some flat tires,  Cassa isn’t one to take this standing down.



Crofts touches this issue are great. The style is definitely her own and she gives a decent of detail and perspectives to make the book interesting. Her art might seem more “comic strip like,” Croft does a fabulous job of making characters distinct and fun. There detail isn’t too overwhelming but very distinct. Croft also touches the panels with extra brown hues, dealing with the color of the very object that the book is titled after.

Expression is show well and very simple. The style feels like it could be animated and it would fit. Croft nails it with this first issue.

nutmeg1_page2 nutmeg1_page3


Wright crafts a common story while making it fun. The horrors of junior high and bullies isn’t anything new. Yet, Wright immediately makes Cassa do not give much thought on Saffron’s upward social status or her followers while Poppy does not want to deal with it. It is a great opposite that helps balance our main duo. The first issue establishes the status quo well, develops our main characters and sets up mystery and intrigue with the beginning of the conflict between Cassia and Poppy versus Saffron and her legions.

The dialogue feels authentic for the most part. And the characters felt very real as it progressed from scene to scene. Some really great work by Wright.


Final Verdict:

With smart, compelling writing and some solid art, Nutmeg #1 brings back those teenaged feelings. We go back to school to face the demons that are bullies and the fight that is just about to begin. I give Nutmeg # 1 a 4.5 out of 5.