The Four Points # 1 Review

The Four Points # 1

Published: Aspen Comics (April 2015)

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Art : Jordan Gunderson, John Ercek & Mark Roslan & Valentina Pinto
Letters: Josh Reed


Review by Frankie Rodriguez



What Happened:

Gia Sorentino starts out in what looks to be a mental institution only to get out cause her mommy and daddy bite the big one and Gia gets mad rich. She then gathers two out of three women together to help her in her crusade against a great darkness that is coming.  Oh … she also now owns what seems to be a private pentagon which deals with the mysterious and unknown. Meanwhile … there are bodies of people all over, being squished together after they have been killed.

Big Moment: I gotta say that I did like the cliffhanger.

Gunderson, Ercek, Roslan and Pinto give us a spectacle of detail and emotion in this book. We get some really wonderful panel work from this art team.  Gunderson gives us our dashing divas with great detail, making sure to make them look distinct. Ercek and Roslan do an outstanding job, bringing out the best of Gunderson’s pencils, making them look smooth and bold so everything would jump off the page. To Gia Sorentino to Ara to The Points itself, our art team makes everything look great.  Pinto’s bold colors are the icing on this wonderful cake of detail and life. Honestly, this was a wonderful job by the art team.



Lobdell has been writing team books for a very long time and writing books even longer. This first issue holds readers interest well. We get a strong mystery and the formation of this all female elemental group. Lobdell not only establishes the team’s mission and the team itself, but also their base and give us some idea of the personalities involved in the team.

We got a bunch of grisly murders, a team forming dealing with the elements and a great darkness coming. Lobdell definitely sets up a lot in this first issue. Yet, Gia does hog the spotlight this issue. It is somewhat understandable but it does end up neglecting Ivana and Ara. Lobdell hints at their personalities but Gia outshines them all.
The pacing of the story was good and we do get a strong, cliffhanger finish, revealing that this book takes place in the same universe as Fathom … which is great and intriguing. It is wonderful to see more in that universe than just water based beings. Definitely opens options.



Final Verdict:

We get some great art with some good story. Yet, the over focus on Gia kind of hurts the issue. Sure, she brings the team together, which makes sense, but it does feel like Ivana and Ara were neglected. Otherwise, Lobdell gives us a gripping first issue with mysteries and intrigue.

I give The Four Points # 1 a 4 out of 5.