Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam # 1 Review


Written by Vince Hernandez

Art by Siya Oum
Lettering by Josh Reed

Aspen Comics



Review by Frankie Rodriguez
What Happened: We get the perspective of the Apocalypse that happened in the original Lola XOXO miniseries from the Chicago side of things.  Meet Maddie, the leader of a group of survivors that have taken over Ohare International Airport. And Maddie does not take all kind of crap from anyone.




This is Siya Oum. This art is absolutely beautiful.  We get the lovely water coloring that we got from the series over the great pencils that Oum put in. We get great scenery such as the park where Maddie was proposed to or parts of the airport … or the nuclear strike that messes up Chicago.  There is a great amount of detail.  The characters all look distinct with great outfits and more. Oum gives us great perspectives in her panel work and conveys the emotion of the scene.  There is definitely more blues here than there were in the original miniseries, but that adds to the atmosphere.   With some very powerful scenes rendered and just a hint of the action to come, Oum delivers to us a stunning looking first issue.



Hernandez brings himself into Oum’s world of Lola XOXO perfectly with this first issue. We have a different view of the apocalypse that changed the world which works well. Using the old airport, we get a nice look of Chicago’s Ohare Airport. Hernandez introduces us to the Wasteland Madam herself, Maddy. And Maddie is so well introduced and developed this issue that it hurts. We get to see how she was before the apocalypse and after the apocalypse. Hernandez demonstrates that Maddie went from a meek woman to a strong, vicious leader.

Hernandez hints at Maddie’s pasts and shows us who Maddie is today in ways no reader could not imagine. Dialogue in this issue was great as it showed various insights on characters and the world of the Wasteland Madam. Hernandez paces this first issue well, showing us more than telling us what was happening.  As we go through this opening issue, Hernandez ends it with a strong climax that will makes readers mouths drop. The ending was so far from left field, that you will it will stay with you after reading it.  Hernandez continues to be one of the most underrated, prolific writers in our medium.


Final Verdict:

We get to see Chicago deal with the apocalypse and a hint of the factions of humanity there working to survive. Our main protagonist was a meek woman who became a strong leader. Oum gives us her normal, spectacular art to render this tale and makes us keep our eyes on it for the whole time.  With great pacing, captivativing characterization and stunning art, this first issue shines as a beacon of what’s best out of comics.  I give Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam # 1 a stellar 5 … out of 5.